Friday, November 11, 2005

He's Innocent.

Just in from ABS-CBN: "Of the three slain carjack suspects, only Manzano remains "innocent" from carjacking as police probers are still checking on his background."

The police will try their darnest to probe for dirt. They should have done this probing before, and not after they murdered him.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Stealing From The Dead

Can you believe that after the tragic deaths of the three men, none of their cell phones, watches and other personal belongings of value were given to the families?!!!!!!! Who are the thieves now?!

Alleged Police Brutality?!

Philippines -- On the evening of November 7, 2005, three men were killed in their car by 10 officers of the Traffic Management Group (TMG).

Immediately after the shooting, the TMG police department was all over the news media. They were proud of murdering the three men they "suspected" to be carnappers (car thieves). They announced to the world what big heroes they are for killing such evil criminals. Their aggressive press campaign hypnotised the media with their captivating story, complete with an award to an officer injured from the event. (How quick can you whip up those awards, anyway?) The TMG was impressively quick to release a story which reminds me of "typical Filipino" movies -- good vs evil (including a hospital scene to generate sympathy towards the good and anger towards the evil).

Here are some of the stories (propaganda) used to lure support for the TMG police:

The country was "almost" fooled by the story that the police spun. The media was "almost" convinced by the TMG drama. I bet you're "almost" convinced as well, right? Well, almost!

But fools we are not!!! We are intelligent and educated enough to understand that their stories do not make sense. We realize that the villains are the 10 TMG men who fired over 50 bullets to "suspected" carnappers and killed them despite their innocense or the ability to prove that they're innocent:

- Henry Cerdon ("suspected" murderer)
- Hansel Marantan ("suspected" murderer)
- Samson Belmonte ("suspected" murderer - Here's your medal for murdering innocent civilians.")
- Lloyd Soria ("suspected" murderer)
- Rizalito Ramos ("suspected" murderer)

- Dexter Bernadas ("suspected" murderer)
- Jesus Fermin ("suspected" murderer)

- Sonny Robrigado ("suspected" murderer)
- Fernando Gapuz ("suspected" murderer)

- Josel Rey Lucena ("suspected" murderer)

The above "alleged" police chased the victims' car in an unmarked vehicle, with missing license plates, and carrying semi-automatic weapons. They were not even dressed in police uniforms! (Hello!!! Would you stop if it were you?!)

According to the police, they chased the victim's car because they suspected the victim and his passengers to be carnappers. However, when was it legal for the police to kill "suspected" carnappers? Are they going to start killing other "suspected" citizens?! Do they have any proof that all three were carnappers indeed?!

The police reports that a gun was initially fired at them during the chase. How do you fire a gun at someone from the inside of a car with the doors and windows closed? Also, how do you fire from an inside of a car and magically leave the shattered glass inside the car? Even more incriminating, where are the shell casings from the guns "supposedly" fired by the victims? Where's the bullet that was "allegedly" fired by one of the three victims and to the leg of the injured police officer?

Francis Manzano was seated in the backseat of the ambushed car. He was innocent from any wrong-doing; only there to hitch a ride with friends. He was not a carnapper. He was not a gangster. He was at the wrong place, at the wrong time. He could be your brother, your cousin, your son, your nephew, your father, your friend -- just sitting in the backseat of a car, driven by a friend who rented it. (See evidence of rental agreement.) He was not only shot, he was killed. The police approached the car after firing 50 bullets into their car and shot them again at arms length. The last bullet that Francis succumbed to was a shot to his at arms length by a police. Why?! To be sure they will never have the chance to say, "Listen, I'm innocent! I'll prove it to you!"

Francis Manzano had no way to prove his innocence. All over the web and the media right now, his name is attached to being a carnapper, which is a solid fraud. If you know him, you will know what a soft-spoken man he is. You will know how kind-hearted he is. You will know why everyone he meets likes him. In a TV interview with the secretary chief of police, he was confident to mention the "possible" criminal records of the other 2 people in the car. But he stuttered to say that they cannot find any evidence of Francis Xavier Manzano having any record at all. He quickly changed the subject and repeated their story over and over again -- as if repeating it helps him justify it in his head. You will understand why his name must be cleared. He may have died tragically, but he does not deserve to be remembered as a carnapper.

If anyone was a witness to the scene who can help clear his name, post away! I understand what a busy street Ortigas is and how many witnesses there were. But none have spoken out, only the police. Why is that?! Are they afraid to speak out? It's very telling, if you think about it. Are you going to leave it to the police to investigate and clear their own names in this matter? You can be the next police victim. You will not have the chance to clear your name. This TMG group will find dirt on your "after" the fact. If they can't find any, they'll just stutteringly associate you with any dirt you happen to come across even if you're innocent.

Be human - give back justice to Francis Xavier Manzano.