Friday, May 05, 2006

6 Months

It took a second to kill FX Manzano.

It took seconds for the TMG police to plant damning evidence and warp the scene of the crime.

It took minutes for the TMG police to lie to the media.

It took hours for Angelo Reyes and his team to come up with a medal to give to the TMG police for their fake heroic act.

It took a day to learn about FX's death.

It took two days for the revealing video from UNTV to be broadcast -- turning my shock of losing FX into an undescribable feeling.

It took weeks for the police to carelessly destroy evidence that reveal the real truth of what happened that night.

It took months to investigate the case -- from both the TMG and Human Rights sides.

It's been six months. Investigators know the truth. Why hasn't the truth been revealed? It takes a second to announce the truth and clear FX Manzano's name from the lies accused of him. How long must Filipinos wait to live in a country where justice means justice for life and peace, rather than justice for greed and power?

May 7 -- wear green in your peaceful support to gain justice for FX Manzano.