Saturday, December 03, 2005

A Comment To Highlight

Received this comment on the blog and I just wanted to highlight it. (I'm not sure how easy it is to see the new comments that are posted on this blog. I receive many commments to various posts but it looks all spread out and not as easily seen, perhaps?)

To this anonymous person who wrote in: Thank you for writing.

I was quite ashamed of myself thinking that it could have been true, but then I saw the video... just imagine how many people the police think they can fool! I'm one of them, but now, only now (how shameful) did I realize how wrong I was since I'm not much of a news watcher. We have seen the evidence, a true untainted one in fact. Not like the ones planted by the police just to make their story seemingly true.

So there is still hope. Just with this video we can convince the world that the Philippine Police is corrupted. I just hope that by doing so, the families of the victims and even the Filipino people can have their justice.

Anyway, how disgusting can it get? How low should the police stoop? Is killing three innocent and loved people not enough for them? I can't believe they are after the witnesses and the families!!! How crude and rude... disrespectful indeed. Tapping into the private conversations of the victim's families with their friends is an abuse. It's like denying them freedom. And God, how mean could they get into coercing the witnesses to change their stories.

I'm really sorry... and to the Police, how could you?! Just imagine those three victims as your own sons and think and feel the wrong you've done. Angelo Reyes, what a sick man you are!!! You see how things could turn in one instant, you may be resting in your comforts now, but tomorrow you'll see and you'd be in the victims places. Karma has a way of getting you! Be warned....

Friday, December 02, 2005

Letting Oprah Fans Know

So I joined the Oprah Angel Network today and shared my story. Who knows if Oprah will read it. I doubt it. A new reader is enough accomplishment for me today - that they, too, will understand our cry for justice and our attempts to end corruption in our country.

Remember, green on the 7th! I'm going to pick up some green bands for my friends. Maybe, if maybe, the police have ended their threats and phone tapping to FX's family, I can share with them some of the green bands I get.

Anyone know someone from the media who can let our people know to wear green on the 7th?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Touching Blog By A Classmate

I ran into this blog by Pameelicious, who reflects on seeing FX the afternoon before he was shot. Thank you for your blog. I got teary eyed at the end of reading this, remembering FX and how well he's liked.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Dec 7 - Show Your Support For Justice & Peace

I had a conversation with a mutual friend of FX. We were talking about our frustrations about the lack of justice this case has fallen into. He asked, "What can we do if we can't even trust the cops, the government, or the investigators to show us the truth, protect us with our truthful words, or give justice to FX?"

I kept thinking about his question. Is what I'm doing, blogging for justice, helping us gain justice for FX? I hope so. It's at least reaching the awareness to people all over the world that we, Filipinos, seek justice for the corruption happening in our country. Ever since I started this blog, I have been swamped with emails from readers from all over the world who support my efforts. Some who do not understand Tagalog have reached out to their Filipino friends to translate what is happening. Others share the link to this blog through email, forums and word of mouth. Thank you.

I believe that part of fighting for the truth and justice is to NOT ALLOW this story to die. We need to let each other know, peacefully, that we are aware of what the police have done and we wish justice for Francis Xavier Manzano. I would like to encourage you to wear green on Dec 7 -- a month after the incident -- to show your support for peace and justice. Let's do this every month -- until justice has been served -- to show that we are continuously aware of the injustice that was done to Francis Xavier Manzano. Let's wear our greens to show that we will not tolerate the Philippine police and military's corruption and threats against Filipinos. Even if you're not in the Philipppines... even if you're not a Filipino... please make an effort to wear green in your silent support for peace and justice for Francis Xavier Manzano.

So you have a week to prepare and to pass the word around! Dec 7 is Wednesday of next week.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Has Martial Law Begun and No One Bothered To Tell me?!

It seems to me that the police are killing and arresting just about anyone they please.

Just in the past few weeks, the police killed a man they "suspected" to be a terrorist leader. After they killed him and rejoiced to the media of their capture, it was revealed that they killed a man who just happen to "look like" the terrorist leader.

A few days later, they killed Francis Xavier Manzano, and, again, ran to the media -- rejoicing that they just killed "suspected" carjackers. They were so proud that they gave a medal to one of their officers only a few hours after the incident. They're now finding out that they killed an innocent man who is "not" a carjacker and hates guns. To make matters worse, they're whole mistake was documented by 5 video cameras.

The following week, a group of innocent farmers sleeping on the side of the road were killed by the police. Like the incident with Francis Xavier Manzano, the police planted a gun on their scene and claimed to the media that they were suspected terrorists.

The head of the UNTV was arrested for what reason again?! Oh, I get it, for not selling out to the police corruption. Just because UNTV captured what really happened and was brave enough to show the public the truth, they're now harassed and arrested. What gives?!

Today, they arrested and jailed a "suspected" financier of a "suspected" carjacking gang, Jayjay de los Santos. This guy stepped up to clear his name, that he's not a financier, and let the people know that he knew one of the men killed to be a good person.

Anyone see a trend here, or is it just me?! Seems to me that the police got a Martial Law memo without letting the public know.

Who's With the Commission of Human Rights During the Investigation?

Have you seen the TV coverage of the head of CHR (Commission of Human Rights) inspecting the victims' car riddled by bullets? Take a close look who is with her -- all the police and military
officials -- the same officials who want to cover up the murders! The car has been in their (police) possession since November 7. They have TAINTED the evidence that this was an UNJUSTIFIED MURDER of Francis Xavier Manzano!

The day after the murder, a Camp Crame officer who refuses to be named said none of the bullets came from the victims' car. Eyewitnesses have said the same. There was no shoot out! The UNTV video verifies this.

What can stop them from firing bullets just as they have placed the gun on Brian Dulay's hand as though he shot at them whereas originally his hand was on his chest? See the video! That's why Reyes, Lomibao, and Angcanan have arrogantly declared - "Bring on the lawsuits!" (Meaning, we've already tainted the evidence to the police's favor).


Everyday in the newspaper, we read about the police or military killing innocent people on what they quickly claim as "legitimate operations." (See Palo, Leyte incident). The Ortigas incident has been called a "legitimate operation" and frankly without that UNTV video, there will be little public outcry. SOBRA NA!! (THIS IS TOO MUCH!!)

It would be a miracle if the Commission on Human Rights can give an unbiased report on tainted evidence but I can pray for a miracle! It is Christmas. I wonder how these policemen will enjoy the season with the innocents' blood in their hands! On second thought, sanay-sanayan lang iyan.


"CHR eyes Dec wrap to Ortigas shootout probe"

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) on Friday said it would finish the investigation on the alleged shooutout in Ortigas Center in Pasig by the middle of December.

In an interview with ANC, CHR Commissioner Wilhelm Soriano said they will be evaluating testimonies given during the investigation. Next in line is the questioning of the eight operatives of the police Traffic Management Group
(TMG) involved in the alleged shootout.

Soriano said the CHR committee tasked to investigate the incident is currently on a one-week break after hearing the testimony of the police Scene of the Crime Operations (SOCO) team on Thursday.

The CHR is conducting an independent inquiry of the alleged shootout between the TMG members and three suspected carjackers on November 7. The incident resulted in the death of suspects Brian Dulay, Francis Manzano and Anton Cu-Unjieng.

A video footage taken by television station UNTV showed TMG personnel firing at the seemingly inert bodies of the suspects inside an alleged stolen car.
The footage prompted the CHR probe.

Chief Superintendent Angcanan, TMG chief, said a fact-finding committee of the Philippine National Police (PNP) had already determined that the operation in Ortigas was legitimate and not a rubout. He said the TMG operation was a product of extensive intelligence operations conducted by members of Task Force Limbas.

Soriano said after the testimony of the eight TMG policemen, it would take them another week to evaluate all the evidence and depositions given at the probe. He said testimonies of the TMG members would take three hearings to finish.

After the testimonies and evaluation, Soriano said recommendations and findings would be ready by the second week of December.

On Thursday, the head of the SOCO team said they "overlooked" some details in processing the crime scene.

Senior Inspector Russel Leysa said his team did not photograph the recovered items from the suspects’ car. Leysa also revealed that TMG operatives had already marked the spent shells in the crime scene when they arrived.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Quit Tapping Their Phones!

In the past 2 weeks since the TMG police realized that their corruption has been exposed for the whole world, my friends and I have noticed an odd tapping-sound on the phone lines when we called the family members of Francis Xavier. Why are the phones of the family members being tapped?! Haven't the police caused enough pain to their family?!

If the PNP (Philippine National Police) TMG (Traffic Management Group) or the IAS (Internal Affairs Service) have nothing hide, then why in the world are they tapping the phones of his family?!!! Why are they preventing the family to speak on the phone without that irritating buzzing?

If the police have nothing to hide, then please quit tapping their phones! Also, quit threatening the lives of the witnesses and anyone else willing to speak the truth.

Having power is temporary. Knowing the truth is forever. The truth will always catch up to corrupt power -- until your last breath -- and to your children's children.