Friday, November 25, 2005

Stopping The Investigation Hides Their Lies

I just read this article, "Task force plea to hold shootout probe denied," from today.

"The Internal Affairs Service (IAS) of the Philippine National Police which is investigating the Pasig City shootout incident involving suspected carjackers yesterday threw out a request from the lawyer of 10 Traffic Management Group (TMG) agents that it suspend its inquiry."

What is the police trying to hide?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Dead Men Tell No Tales

I was watching the videos from the eye witness over and over again today. There's this amateur video taken by a woman and a guy from what seemed to be the balcony of their condominium. (When I get the chance, I'll see if I can post the video here.)

A thought came to mind while I was watching the amateur video: Could the 3 boys have possibly witnessed a shooting that the PNP TMG (police) were involved in prior to being chased? Is this why the PNP TMG were determined to kill these boys? I mean, is it normal for the PNP TMG to be carrying m-16 rifles with a chest/shoulder full of bullets to go after "car thieves"?! They can't even afford proper forensic tools and here they are with heavy duty machines guns! Those guns may have been possibly aimed to kill (or have already killed) someone else. These 3 boys just happen to drive by the incident and witness it -- which led to their own deaths. That would explain why the police did such a thorough job of finishing them off.... since dead men tell no tales. What do you think?

There was a news interview with the lead investigator from PNP TMG regarding this amateur video. (Don't you find it ridiculous that the PNP TMG are the ones running their own investigation as proof of what really happened? It's like asking OJ Simpson to run his own investigation as to whether or not he really killed his wife. The outcome of their investigation is quite obvious before they even started: "Um... not guilty... yeah, right... that's it.. not guilty! Ahem.") Back to the lead investigator. He says that the amateur video will not be considered in their investigation and was so quick to change the subject away from that video. What are they trying to shun away from or not give light to?

People, It's Just A Car!

One of the interesting blogs I found is from, where he explains the corrupt scam behind the carnapping in the Philippines. When you're done reading this blog, check his blog out!

The widespread and frequent “carnapping”/carjacking incidents have been going on for years with the majority of owners unable to recover their vehicles. In some cases, stolen vehicles have been discovered being used by police officers.

Our sources tell us this cartheft syndicate is so big it has extended its operations to Fukuoka, Japan, and San Francisco and Los Angeles in the US. The report also reveals prominent names are involved. The entry point used to be Subic and Clark but it recently shifted to Cebu and Davao.

What's sad about all this is that all this is happening for a car.

Blogging For Justice

I just discovered this blog called It's 2005. I hope that the power of blogs, your readership, the Internet, and spreading the truth can help us achieve justice for our people and our country. Please keep sharing this blog to as many people as you know. It's one of the little efforts we can contribute in spreading the truth about what really happened -- and possibly gaining justice.

A Letter About FX

I recently received this email in my mailbox. I thank you the sender of this letter for sharing his opinion on this matter:

----- LETTER ABOUT FX ---------------

I am a friend of FX's cousin and I have known him since he was orphaned 17 years ago. He had no wealth or power as the police told the media. Neither was he a spoiled scion of a prominent family. FX hated and feared guns and violence so it was unbelievable when the police claimed he had to be shot close range several times in the head because he had a sub-machine gun. ATROCIOUS LIE!

He would not even know how to operate a machine gun which my uncle said only the military has access to! (Thank God for the UNTV video that showed the guns were planted and thank God the police had to admit he never shot a gun.)

FX was gentle, caring, soft spoken, very unassuming and humble. He was good looking and dressed well -- and if not for that, you would not notice him as he would never push his way around or brag or be obnoxious. He was the "favorite uncle" as he was patient with the young children and was truly caring. He had many friends -- both rich and poor as he was "masyadong mabait" (very kind) and "marunong makisama" (gets along well with others easily).

On the evening of his death, he was on his way home from a quick trip to Starbucks and McDonald's (a burger and a night cap). He's was a considerate person, which is why he called his siblings to tell them of his whereabouts and that he's on his way home. (In fact, he only wore shorts and a t-shirt that evening.) He could have been your father, your brother, your uncle, your cousin or your best friend going out for a snack in Ortigas... then murdered... and to cover the murder, had to be branded as a carnapper.

So where can you go for justice in the Philippines? Not to the police or the military -- and definitely not the Dept of (In)Justice! You and your family will be harrassed, intimidated and killed. They may even brand you as a terrorist or an NPA that is a threat to the country. It is common now to read about the journalists, innocent farmers and ordinary civilians killed and branded as threats -- and we don't do anything about it. Instead, we accept the lies. Sana magising tayo sa katotohanan. (I wish we'll wake up to the truth.)

As you pointed out, they can produce FALSE WITNESSES until the sympathy of the TV/radio audience or newspapers will be prejudiced against you. They are in power and they can detroy you!

For Example:
Without even investigating, DILG head Angelo Reyes was quick to laud the handiwork of the TMG and pin a hero's medal on a policeman who witnesses say - his gun may have dropped and hurt him! (You are right in your blog: How could he produce a medal so soon? Do they have several in their pockets?) They can call murder a shoot-out even when the victims' car windows were all closed and a video shows them planting their evidence!

Even my uncle in Camp Crame said all the bullets came from the police. Please do not go to Angcanan or Lomibao for justice as they have to protect the murderers for the sake of the morale of their men! Isn't speaking the truth better than covered up lies for the morale of all men? Lastly, do not go to the head of the Dept of (IN)Justice who without even looking at the case from all sides smugly declared the TMG was justified -- it is okay to "kill dead men" but, oops... when they learned that FX Manzano's body was not cremated and could be exhumed, Angcanan had to confess he was still alive and could have been saved but his policemen considered him a threat and had to shoot him in the head several times.

Ten armed policemen against 3 hurt young men already peppered by 50 bullets! The TMG will not release their full report to the media and initially said it was incomplete because they had not yet interviewed the 10 policemen involved. As you said - what do you expect their report to say if the testimony of the murderers being investigated weighs more than the witnesses? How can the dead defend themselves - they were the ones branded guilty without an opportunity to prove their innocence!

But what would FX Manzano say to all of these blogs? He would say, "FORGIVE them as JUSTICE BELONGS TO THE LORD. If we cannot get justice on earth, we will get this in heaven." FX would say: "HAVE FAITH, TRUST GOD. He is in control. This does not make sense now but God has a plan - trust Him."

FX always taught the young children and his cousins to be patient, to be forgiving and let offenses slide off their shoulders as God does not approve of a bitter heart. Jesus forgave His enemies who said terrible lies about Him and then crucified Him. If we pray the OUR FATHER, we will not be forgiven our sins if we cannot FORGIVE the TMG hierarchy, the 10 policemen and the misguided in our society. We forgive these persons but we do not condone the sins they committed.

We need to speak the truth always and fight against injustice. Do not judge rashly the people condemned by the media or the government. Like FX, evidence against them may be planted and FALSE WITNESSES are easily brought up. Do not delay telling people you love them as you never know - they may just go for coffee or a burger and be killed and lost to you.

His sister bought two Bibles, one of which was placed in FX's casket and coincidentally both Bibles opened to Psalm 64 and they believe this is his message from the grave:

O God, hear my anguished voice; from the foes I dread protect my life.
Hide me from the malicious crowd, the mob of evildoers.
They sharpen their tongues like swords, ready their bows for arrows of poison words.
They shoot at the innocent from ambush, shoot without risk, catch them unawares.
They resolve on their wicked plan; they conspire to set snares; they say:
"Who will see us?"
They devise wicked schemes, conceal the schemes they devise; the designs of their hearts are hidden.
But God will shoot arrows at them and strike them unawares.
They will be brought down by their own tongues; all who see them will shake their heads.
Then all will fear and proclaim God's deed, pondering what has been done.
The just will rejoice and take refuge in the LORD; all the upright will glory in their God.

Raw Video! You Be The Judge : Shootout or Rubout?

I just got a submission of the raw video taken by UNTV that's now available on their website.



Backround info on what you are about to see: These are unmarked Philippine police (no uniform and unmarked car) who shot at these 3 boys, claiming that they were car thieves. Francis Xavier Manzano was in the backseat. You will see the police shoot the boys a few more times even after they have immobilized them. The police "claim" these boys are "suspected" (not proven and they have no proof) are car thieves. After shooting these boys to death, the police planted evidence to support their defense and are now in a mission to come up with ways and reasons to justify their actions. Keep you eye at the placement of the hand of the frontseat passenger. It's on his shoulder. Yet when the police shows it to the media, it's over a gun. Let your eyes be the judge.

My fingers are shaking as I type this. I just saw the footage. It hurts to see people you know who are good and innocent killed this way. It hurts to know that the police are destroying his reputation in order to defend their actions. It hurts to think it can happen to somebody else if justice and truth is not resolved in this case.

Welcome to my third world country! Help us gain peace and justice, please.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Point View of A Former Member of Special Project Alpha (under the Directorate for Intelligence, PNP and defunct PAOCTF)

I ran into this interesting blog. What is most fascinating about it is the author -- a former member of Special Project Alpha under the Directorate for Intelligence, Philippine National Police and defunct Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF).

The TMG operatives had M-16 rifles, and as seen on footages, several clips were wrapped around their body, two of them would have just disable any of its wheel; I think those young boys didn’t have to die, but if it were bank robbers, the situation demands that we have to prevent them from getting away and that we should never hesitate if being fired upon. The suspects can still be found and if in the process the operation to arrest them didn't go as planned, it wasn't the type of carnapping in progress to initiate a hot pursuit as they have been under close watch.

It was the same failure we have had and a week long surveillance just to go back to our base empty handed and be blustered by some ranking jerk. Clearly, it is the reason why we wanted the subject alive -- to understand their operation, to know who's behind it and who were the buyers. That could have been the procedure, and to this case, it gave the authorities more reasons to initiate an arrest for an attempted murder. It could have created a bigger impact other than a shootout scenario, if it's media mileage they wanted.

I don’t know if it’s wise enough for the TMG or to any future operations to end their investigation by killing the suspects until to the very last breath. You kill the lead; you lose the chance to get to the bottom of it and carnapping will continue to thrive. Of course, not if you run them and sensing that there is a competition from "other groups" -- not only that you have to neutralize them, it is a necessity to prevent any disruption of income from within.

New People's Army

I just read this article:

"WHATEVER you sow, you reap. Now, the tables have been turned on the November 7, 2005 shooting incident at Ortigas Center, Pasig City, as it is now the New People's Army which has expressed interest in looking into the killing of three suspected carnappers by elements of the Traffic Management Group (TMG) of the Philippine National Police (PNP)....

... if justice could not be given by the government's duly-constituted authorities to the victims and their families, justice, NPA-style, would be brought to bear upon the perpetrators. We shudder to think what this would really mean, but then, everyone must account for his deeds, at one time or another. "

Um... not sure what to say. Whatever the outcome of this is, I hope no one is physically hurt and we just get closer to peace and justice.

Ortigas: The Biggest Carnapping Ring in Manila

Received this message from another courageous citizen:

I had a friend in the anti-carnapping division of what is now PNP(philippine constabulary) and guess what they found? The biggest carnapping ring in Manila happened to be oeprated by cops and former cops. Where? Ortigas!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Justice for Francis Xavier Manzano

Have you read this article: "Has the Philippine National Police become desperate?" The pieces are coming together - slowly - as to why the PNP TMG refused to acknowledge the other videos presented to them by UNTV (witness to the incident). By refusing, it allows the PNP TMG to set it up so they can charge UNTV with lack of cooperation, thus, accomplishing their goal (from a previous incident unrelated to this matter) of arresting the owner and employees of UNTV.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

4 Professional Cameras Wintessed The Shooting (not just 2)

I just learned that "at least" 4 videos were taken of the shooting -- before, during and after. These 4 came from the UNTV television network, whose offices were right by the incident. However, the police refuse to acknowledge the 2 other videos (plus the amateur video currently airing on TV).

Are these really police investigators?! Any news journalist (in the Philippines or abroad) will go nuts for this incredible story -- how a country filled with intelligent and good-hearted citizens live under a corrupt police system is unraveling in public.

Filipinos: Do Not Be Complacent!

Do a formal or informal survey of major carnapping in the Philippines and most will say they were carnapped by people in military attire with caps, sunglasses and uzis. C'mon -- it's common knowledge! That is why most won't even complain to the police as they have seen the same people who carnapped/kidnapped them in the police station.

Think about FX Manzano - he was picked up by his friends past 9 pm; seen by family friends about 9:30 pm; killed about 10pm?! If the TMG police accusations were even close to any truth, then why would they (Francis Xavier and friends) plot a carnap at McDonalds -- near where their friends and were family were in Ortigas?! Why not in the privacy of a home or enclosed neighborhood subdivision? Why commit a carnap wearing only shorts and t-shirt? Where were the sunglasses or ski masks or disguises? (Go ask any victim of a carnap that these are the uniforms that carjackers wear!)

People who saw Francis Xavier Manzano at the backseat of the car say that there was ABSOLUTELY no machine gun or hand-grenade there. (The police justifies that their existence is the reason why they shot him close range in the head for "self defense".)

10 "supposedly" trained policemen with arms surrounding 3 hurt, young men inside the car?! Truly a travesty! The police then justifies their actions by saying FX was a carnapper?! The police can whip up anyone who can positively identify someone by picture in his license or corpse with bullet wounds. (That, too, is common knowledge among Filipinos -- which is so sad.) Guess who identified Francis Xavier Manzano as an "alleged" carjacker? The driver of the brother of a high-ranking PNP (Philippine National Police)!!!!

As we all observe the development of this case, remember this: The media will be getting more of this slanders/accusations and more false witnesses will be produced. They just need to be careful of their dates and times as FX Manzano is no Superman -- he could not be in two places at one time. But expect more. Some of the public will probably believe what those TMG police says... just as they believe the many other lies fed to them. However, God and the Blessed Virgin Mary were also in Ortigas that night. God knows the truth. These men can intimidate the families, the witnesses, the cameraman and the public... but BEWARE - they cannot intimidate GOD.

If we, Filipinos, do not stand up for TRUTH and JUSTICE, then we have no right to complain about the conditions of our country. We may be comfortable and complacent until it happens to our parents, brothers and sisters, children, relatives and friends.

The Courage of VJ Iya

Just read this from Manila Tribune. I want to thank VJ Iya for her courage in expressing the truth. I respect the fact that she did this, despite having to face Angcanan's ignorance and stubborness. Thank you, Villania.

"VJ Iya ‘doubtful’ over TMG’s recovery of stolen vehicle"

Television host and video jockey yesterday expressed disappointment apparently over the way the Philippine National Police-Traffic Management Group (PNP-TMG) handled her case which involved the carjacking of her black Nissan Patrol (XPP 232) despite the recovery of the said vehicle by members of the group during an operation in Quezon City.“Personally I am not really happy with what really happened. I feel that there is really something behind these things,” PNP-TMG officer-in-charge Chief Supt. Augusto Angcanan quoted Villania as telling him and his men when the latter surfaced at the TMG office. Angcanan admitted he did not expect Villania's reaction as she apparently suspected that the TMG operatives of conniving with the car thieves.Commenting on the celebrity's words, Angcanan said “I don't know what she meant particularly when she said the TMG operatives are in connivance with the carnappers,” even daring Villania to face the public and prove her allegations.