Thursday, February 16, 2006

"Ortigas shootout results out soon" by The Manila Times

THE Commission on Human Rights on Wednesday set a new schedule “within this week or next week” for the release of its findings on the controversial Ortigas shootout last November.

In a telephone interview, Edgar Diansuy, the commission’s media relations bureau chief, said the agency is still finalizing the resolution on its investigation. “The commission will either release its findings within this week or next week once the resolution is finished. It will contain findings on whether the incident was a shootout or a rubout, as some quarters claim,” he said.

Three suspected car­jackers, reportedly members of the notorious Valle Verde gang, were killed in an encounter with members of the Traffic Management Group’s Task Force Limbas on November 7, 2005, at the Ortigas Center.

Once the report on the shootout is out, Diansuy said, the commission will then release its findings on two other cases: The Hacienda Luiista massacre in November 2004 and the takeover of the detention center in Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig by imprisoned members of the Abu Sayyaf group in March 2005.

Commission chairman Purificacion Quisumbing in December announced that her agency would disclose the results of its investigation into three high-profile cases: The Hacienda Luisita massacre, the Bicutan siege and the Ortigas shootout.

But the commission failed to do so, even as it was unable to finish its probe on the Ortigas shootout before Christmas.

The commission held its last hearing on January 10.

Monday, February 13, 2006

14 Weeks & Counting

It's been exactly 14 weeks (98 days) since FX was shot by those savage Philippine policemen. It's been quiet in the news and after meeting up with some of my classmates this past weekend, no one has any news of whether justice will be served in this case. Word is justice will be served in 2 weeks, but that same saying has been said every 2 weeks for the past few weeks.

Nevertheless, I and the many classmates, friends, family, Filipinos and non-Filipinos continue to pray and hope. 14 weeks... and I still continue to receive numerous e-mails of support from amazing strangers who follow this blog. 14 weeks... and I've come to learn that Angelo Reyes, Augusto Angcanan, Joseph Orsos and those 10 TMG must never be trusted. 14 weeks... and justice for FX has not been served. 14 weeks... and we continue with our lives, but continue to miss FX.

By the way, in case you need to be reminded, here are the name of those 10 TMG corrupt officers:

- Henry Cerdon ("suspected" murderer)
- Hansel Marantan ("suspected" murderer)
- Samson Belmonte ("suspected" murderer - Here's your medal for murdering innocent civilians.")
- Lloyd Soria ("suspected" murderer)
- Rizalito Ramos ("suspected" murderer)
- Dexter Bernadas ("suspected" murderer)
- Jesus Fermin ("suspected" murderer)
- Sonny Robrigado ("suspected" murderer)
- Fernando Gapuz ("suspected" murderer)
- Josel Rey Lucena ("suspected" murderer)