Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting closer to getting justice

It's inspiring to see that families of FX and Anton continue to fight for what is right.  It's been over 7 years (7 years and 2 months to be exact) since their brutal murders.  In a third-world country trying desperately to fight against corruption and justice, they were murdered by cops.  However, unlike other incidents similar where the police officer's lies were more believable than any witness can contradict, this case had the most ideal evidence to reveal what truthfully happened.  There's three sides to a story, the shooters (the cops), those who were shot (the dead), and the truth (the video recording).  No other "shootouts" hailed by the cops were video recorded, except for this.  How much evidence do you need to realize who broke the law?

In the recent Atimonan 2013 Shooting, a cop by the name of Hansel Marantan resurfaces.  Marantan had a critical role in the Ortigas 2005 Shooting, because he was the man caught on video approaching the wounded passengers and began shooting at close range to steal their last breaths.  You'll see their wounded bodies jump as Marantan's bullets killed their last hope for life.

In 2005, the country's President, DOJ (Dept of Justice), and PNP (Philippine National Police) sided with Marantan.  They ignored the evidence.  They ignored the people's cry for justice.  They ignored the lives of the true victims.  Instead, they awarded, promoted and celebrated the cops and excused their actions as "homicide," not murder.

Today in 2013, a brand new government is in power.  Hope of justice is in the air.  Marantan has been placed under restrictive custody of the police.  It may be possible that justice will catch up to Marantan.  Please, people.  Let's get this killer off our streets and into prison.  Let's show that there is justice and hope for our future.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Shootout VS Rubout

A shootout is when both parties are shooting at each other -- a battle.

A rubout is when one party shoots at another party -- a murder.

The Ortigas 2005 incident was a rubout.  This was not a homicide, but a murder.  

Hansel Marantan is in the center of this case, and he was caught on video murdering Francis Xavier Manzano, Anton Co-Unjieng, and Brian Dulay. 

With the latest incident in Atimonan, has Marantan's over-confidence, arrogance, and stupidity finally caught up?  Will the new set of government finally give this case justice and arrest the murderers? 

I have hope for our country, government, people... and, most importantly, our future.  Our status quo cannot be to accept this type of injustice, forget them, and hope it never happens to us.  Our future is to be brave and to fight for what is ethical.

It's time to arrest and prosecute Hansel Marantan for murder.