Friday, January 13, 2006

Karma & Hypocrites

If you're watching, reading or listening to Filipino news, you will, by now, know that news reports are beginning to surface that the investigation done by both the Philippine Internal Affairs Service and the Commission of Human Rights reveal the police have been lying to every one of us about this case. (It's not news to those of us who know FX and to others with enough intelligence to realize the truth.)

I just finished reading the 2 articles online from and Manila Standard about the reports. I found a couple of interesting issues I want to point out:

a) Will the media "quit" referring to FX as a carnapper or a carjacker?! If you're going to report or reveal the truth about the police (that they're liars), then be truthful about how you refer to Francis Manzano (that he's not a carnapper).

b) I found this comment by Chief Inspector Joseph Orsos, PNP Traffic Management Group spokesman, to be soooo hypocritical of the police: "I think it’s proper that they (CHR) should inform first the affected parties and not immediately announce that to the media." HELLOOOOOOOO!!! Guess who informed the media about FX's death first? The police. In fact, the family didn't even know about FX's death until almost 12 hours later... maybe more.

c) Let's continue to hope and pray for justice. Hopefully, the truthful facts revealed on this case, our desire for justice to exist in this country (despite extravagant efforts by the corrupt and ignorant individuals abusing their power), and the brave efforts that the readers of this blog give in sharing this site with others can continue to give us the courage to stand up for our rights and speak. This is one case. We will all find ourselves in another case where truth and justice will be our only hope. Know that whatever we do in this case can help future cases we, our family, our friends, our neighbors, or classmates may (unfortunately) go through.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


The January 11, 2006 ABS-CBN News report just confirms what we have always said from the beginning that the TMG Operatives murdered my friend and his companions last November 7. Their superiors covered it up by saying the victims fired first hitting Murderer Belmonte and that the victims were all carnappers with guns and license plates. (A video came out showing the police murdering the young men and planting the guns and the license plates.) ABS CBN said this was not a shoot-out but a rub-out. The victims never fired at the policemen but the policemen entered the car and shot them at the back of their heads close range. Murderer Belmonte was not shot by any of the victims but by his own gun or by one of his companion's gun. The bullet shells all came from the policemen's guns. It also brought to my mind what one of the bloggers said about his uncle in Camp Crame saying this same thing last November 8. That comment was right on!

The Commission of Human Rights will release their findings in a few weeks.