Wednesday, March 15, 2006

March, 2006 Update

4 months later, and here's what has happened in the Philippines regarding this case:

Investigation by the Philippine Commission of Human Rights took place. Leaks from their investigation reports that my classmate, FX, was 100% innocent. Their investigation proved that FX was killed in a fetal womb position on the backseat, faced down (which is to be expected of him because he is known to hate/fear guns). His body was positiioned away from where the planted guns were, which clearly challenges the police's false accusations of why they fired yet another bullet to his head at arm's length.

Exactly 4 months after this inhumane incident, the police did it again -- but this time, the victim lives to tell and prove that innocent people are being shot by heavily armed police in the same business area of Manila. His name is Randolf Clarito, a businessman, VP of a pharmaceutical company, driving down the same area where FX was killed. Without any warning from the police, he was shot at multiple times, just the same way the car FX was in experienced. However, this time, he was able to fled the scene and drive straight to the hospital where he beat the police from calling the media.

The media filmed his car immediately and then again after the police investigation. Just like what the police did 4 months ago, they planted stolen license plates on the backseats and other damaging evidence to his case so they can justify that they fired at a carjacker. But unbeknownst to the police, the media had already filmed the car prior to their arrival and showed no evidence of what the police were claiming. Unbeknownst to the police, that "alleged carjacker" was not their typical guy they can package to fit a carjacker.

There is a bit of justice for Mr. Clarito, but only for this case. In the Philippines, if you survive this type of injustice and prove the police and/or government wrong, you and your family risk a life of insecurity. We hope for the safety of the Clarito family.

As far as FX case, we're still waiting for justice.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Corrupt Solution for Corrupt Group

Who in the world make decisions for our police?! It looks like their solution to remove corrupt, ignorant cops is to add more juvenile, ignorant, video gamer boys. And to make it easy for them to carry firearms and kill more innocent people, they're qualifications are decreased.

Lower standards, younger police examinees

EFFECTIVE May 28, the National Police Commission will lower the educational and age requirements for applicants to the police force.

Napolcom vice chairman Imelda Roces said the commission will revert back to 72 units the educational requirement for applicants and 18 the age requirement to lure many examinees.

She said civilians with the required college units may take the exams but should finish a four-year college course before he can be deemed qualified for appointment.

At present, the age limit for a police examinee is 28 years old, and he can only be appointed once he reaches 30.

Are you the next TMG victim?

What a week! On the evening of Mar 7, I met up with fellow classmates for dinner. We were all wearing green tops and our green bands. We talked about how it's been 4 months and those corrupt cops are still roaming the streets, possibly harassing more citizens and possibly feeling untouchable since they never had to be accountable for killing FX. We wondered how many other innocent lives have been covered up by leaders like Angcanan, Lomibao and Angelo Reyes. Who would have thought that a similar shooting would take place the following day?!

Randolf Clarito is a very lucky man. Although he was shot at by TMG operatives who mistook him as a carnapper or driving a get-away car, he was able to drive himself to the hospital and release his story before TMG could concoct their cover-up. The TMG saw a cameraman as they were planting something in the businessman's car and retrieved this.

Last November 7, 2005 - these TMG operatives murdered 3 young men on what they claimed was a shoot-out but what videos and witnesses said was a rub-out. They said the 3 were driving a car taken from a woman in Bulacan and they proudly showed the license plate stolen and changed. The truth was that the car was legally rented by Brian Dulay as his car was in the shop. The UNTV video showed the police planting the license plates and other alleged evidence. Angelo Reyes' excuse? They really planned to carnap as they were renting a car.

So why did he say first they carjacked the car from a woman in Bulacan? Then TMG said they had to kill the 3 young men as they shot first at the the police wounding Murderer Belmonte on his leg. The Commission of Human Rights report indicated the 3 young men did not have guns and did not shoot. All the bullets came from the policemen's guns and none from the victims. The photos showed all the car windows were closed. The UNTV video showed the guns were planted. The hospital report showed that Belmonte shot himself or was shot at by his cohorts.

They could have done the same to Randolf Clarito had he died. They may even bring up FALSE WITNESSES to say Clarito was part of the carjacking operations and was driving the get-away car. The police had to quickly justify and say the 3 young men were carnappers and were under surveillance for some time.

The truth as you readers can look up the newspapers is that they did not even know Anton Cu-unjing's name or Francis Manzano's real address. If they were carnappers under surveillance, wouldn't you know their names and real address?! After all, they were not in hiding and went around Metro Manila freely.

PNP, TMG, DILG said they would train their men on following the rules of engagement after the Ortigas incident as people were outraged.

Look what they did to Randolf Clarito - did they follow the rules of engagement? Watch for the Commission of Human Rights report!

Lastly, as I have always said - you may not care for the 3 young men murdered last November 7 but if you allow these same TMG policemen to remain free and not be accountable for their murderous acts, it CAN HAPPEN TO YOU & YOUR LOVED ONES.

Ask Randolf Clarito. I am sure he NEVER thought this could happen to him. But it did -- and, luckily, he lived with his body and his name intact.

Please continue to Pray for Justice for Francis Xavier Manzano! Your prayers have started to be answered. The wheels of justice may grind exceedingly slow for Reyes, Lomibao, Angcanan (who was just sacked), and the 10 TMG operatives but God will ensure it will happen.

If you or someone you know has been shot by the TMG for "alleged carnapping," write me a comment.