Monday, January 21, 2013

Shootout VS Rubout

A shootout is when both parties are shooting at each other -- a battle.

A rubout is when one party shoots at another party -- a murder.

The Ortigas 2005 incident was a rubout.  This was not a homicide, but a murder.  

Hansel Marantan is in the center of this case, and he was caught on video murdering Francis Xavier Manzano, Anton Co-Unjieng, and Brian Dulay. 

With the latest incident in Atimonan, has Marantan's over-confidence, arrogance, and stupidity finally caught up?  Will the new set of government finally give this case justice and arrest the murderers? 

I have hope for our country, government, people... and, most importantly, our future.  Our status quo cannot be to accept this type of injustice, forget them, and hope it never happens to us.  Our future is to be brave and to fight for what is ethical.

It's time to arrest and prosecute Hansel Marantan for murder.

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