Tuesday, January 15, 2013

UNTV Video of Ortigas 2005 Shooting and Hansel Marantan

Watch this video to be reminded of what was captured by UNTV from the Ortigas Shooting of 2005.  The last shot made to FX at close-range was from Hansel Marantan.

Take a moment to absorb this.

Realize what a crazy man Marantan is for being able to do something like this.  Imagine that it's someone you know sitting inside that car.  The men who shot these guys are still free and able to walk our streets as cops.  Because justice has not been served, these men were able to harm other innocent citizens and kill them after November 7, 2005.  They have it in them to kill and they've been getting away with it.  Who's to say they won't do this again?  Can the government promise us that we are safe from these men? 

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